msgbox® FAQSome Commonly Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Can I use my current business number as msgbox® number? +

    Yes. msgbox® can use your current business number if it is a land line or toll free line. msgbox® cannot be used on wireless numbers or VOIP numbers. Your customers will only need to remember one number to call or text you. You may continue to use the number for
  • How long does it take to text enable my number? +

    Text enablement depends on your provider and our carrier, and turnaround could vary. We expect most numbers will be text enabled within 5 business days. Expect longer lead time if you text enable a toll free number.
  • How do I log in to msgbox®? +

    Once you number is text enabled, you will receive an email from Msgbox Portal. In the email, you will have the URL for your msgbox®. The login ID and password will be the same as the ID you created on Msgbox Portal when you first registered for msgbox®.
  • How do I add additional users? +

    Please use the following link to add the credentials of any additional users: (requires portal login).
  • What is the name store and display feature? +

    We can store your contacts in msgbox® so that you can find your existing customers in msgbox®. To load names and contact numbers, put the names and contact numbers in an Excel file and send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying your msgbox® URL.
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General Questions

  • Do I need an internet connection to access msgbox®? +

    Yes, you will need an internet connection to access msgbox®. msgbox® is a cloud-based app that can be accessed from any browser (mobile device or desktop). If you use it on a mobile device, you can use your data plan or WIFI.
  • What web browsers do you support? +

    msgbox® supports all major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. msgbox® supports browsers on both iOS and Android OS.
  • Can I send video or pictures? +

    At this point, msgbox® supports text messages only. However, you may add emoji to the text.
  • What language does msgbox® support? +

    msgbox® supports a wide variety of languages such as English, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Italian. Any languages supported by UTF-8 encoding will be supported.
  • How long can a text be? +

    Most carriers do not limit the length of text messages, so you can send messages of any length. We recommend the text still be short, not longer than 160 characters, to fit the SMS medium and the culture of text messaging. Remember: less is more.
  • What kind of security does msgbox® have? +

    msgbox® uses the industry standards for HTTPS (encrypted communication transport) and also best practices for securing user sessions.
  • Can I use it for mass texting? +

    msgbox® is intended for personal communication and is designed to be a peer to peer messaging platform.
  • What if I forgot my password? +

    Go to and click on Lost Password.
  • How do I change the contact email on the account? +

    Login to and click on Manage My Account.
  • Who do I contact if I have a billing question? +

    Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Does msgbox® offer partnerships? +

    Yes. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start a dialogue.
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  • What is auto-reply? +

    Your customers can text a keyword and a text message that is set up in advance will be automatically sent out in response. For example, customer texts “updates”, a response text “Pick up time is 5:30 pm.” will be sent out. The auto-reply message can be changed as needed.
  • Are auto-reply keywords case sensitive? +

    Auto-reply keywords are not case sensitive. You can have multiple keywords for the same message. Keywords can only be a single word. For example, customer texts “time” or “updates” or “ready”, a response text “Pick up time is 5:30 pm.” will be sent out.
  • How do I set up a pre-set message? +

    Pre-set messages are used to reduce the amount of time spent typing out response text messaages. Users replying using msgbox® can choose from a list of pre-set messages such as opening hours, confirmation, thank you messages, etc.
  • Can I print the conversation? +

    Please highlight the conversation box and use the print screen function to capture the image for printing.
  • How can I use the web chat feature? +

    Go to Settings -> Other -> Widget, copy the code onto the page and location where you want the web chat icon to show up.
  • Should I end a conversation? +

    When a conversation on a particular subject/appointment/order is finished, please end the conversation. You can always find all the conversations with a particular person from Conversation -> History.
  • Can I add a prefix to all the text messages that are sent out? +

    Yes. In Settings -> Other -> General, put in the text prefix for all outgoing SMSs.
  • How do I get notified if a message comes in? +

    You can choose to get notified by popup and/or sound. In Settings -> Other -> General, select ‘New message sound alert: Enabled’ and select ‘New message popup alert: Enabled’ will turn both alerts on.
  • Will the sound and popup notification always alert me when a message comes in? +

    Please note that the alerts will occur when there is a brand new conversation or when the particular conversation box is open.
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