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Mobile (Digital) Coupons

Mezzo Interactive Mobile Coupon Via SMS Text Message

What is a "digital" coupon?

Digital coupons are electronic coupons that are found online. They are essentially the same as paper coupons - only without the paper! Digital coupons can be captured from web sites or delivered via email.

What is a "mobile" coupon?Mezzo Interactive Mobile Coupon

Mobile coupons are digital coupons that are specifically designed to be used with smartphones. They are typically captured from a web site or delivered via email, SMS text message, by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC tag. Some mobile coupons can be saved on your smartphone’s mobile/digital wallet for easy access when you want to use them.

What are the benefits of using mobile coupons?

Traditional coupons, like the ones you can find on product packaging or in newspapers and flyers, do not attract shoppers as they once did. In today's digital era, the latest popular trend is mobile coupons which have a much higher redemption rate than traditional coupons. Smartphones are used by consumers in all aspects of daily life and they have an increasing influence on shopping habits. The smartphone is becoming the ultimate shopping companion for smarter shoppers so, in order to engage with today's mobile shopper, companies must learn to take advantage of current technologies like mobile coupons.

The use of mobile coupons as part of your marketing strategy is an effective way to engage with a diverse range of consumers, enabling you to connect with them (rather than just selling to them) which builds brand loyalty.

There are many other reasons to choose mobile coupons over traditional coupons. Some of these are:

Mezzo Interactive Mobile CouponHigh Appeal

Mobile coupons have become very popular among consumers because they can be much more attractive than printed coupons and much more engaging and interactive through gamification options.

Easy to Implement

Mobile coupons can be implemented with much less cost and effort compared to printed coupons. This makes short-run campaigns much more feasible. Adjustments (or error corrections) can be done at anytime, in real-time.

Mezzo Interactive Mobile CouponCross-Media Distribution Options

Mobile coupons can be delivered through multiple channels such as web, digital signage, SMS text messaging, email, QR codes and NFC. In additon to that, the reach of a mobile coupon can be significantly enhanced through its ability to be shared via social media.

Portable & Easy to Carry

Mobile coupons are saved in smartphones and they are always with you when you need them, without the fear of losing them or forgetting where you put them.

Easy to Redeem

Mobile coupons can be easily redeemed without the cumbersome processing of large quantities of printed coupons. With digital coupons the redemption process is simple and it is done much faster and more accurate than the physical coupon redemption process.

Mezzo Interactive Mobile CouponEffective Tracking Capability

Mobile coupons have effective tracking capabilities providing statistics on both the issuance and redemption of the coupon. This is great for marketing campaign analysis which allows businesses to fine-tune marketing strategies.


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