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A Mobile Strategy Is Imperative

Mezzo Mobile

Here's some interesting activity from Interactive Media in Retail Group:

  • During the 2014 holiday shopping season, mobile accounted for 70% of the orders taken through Walmart’s digital business.
  • In the month of May 2015 alone, European m-commerce sales grew 48%.

From Juniper Research:

  • By 2016 more than 90 Million Americans will have redeemed at least one digital coupon, and 45% of mobile device users will use mobile coupons.

It needs to be easy! (for both consumers and businesses) That’s why SMS/Text-messaging works well.

  • It doesn’t require a separate mobile app to be downloaded, installed, and maintained.
  • Text messaging is a regular activity for the young and the old alike.
  • Consumers are comfortable with it.

Clear objectives and a coupon strategy is required:

  • Is the goal to build loyalty? Increase sales? Capture customer data?
  • Beware of discounts:
    • They put downward pressure on margins
    • The perceived value of your product/service can be discounted
    • Consumers become reluctant to purchase at full price if coupons are not available
  • Offer tangible & specific value to your customer (avoid “10% off everything”)
  • Set time limits on all promotions
  • Keep information (on the coupon) clear and simple
  • If your goal is to build loyalty, start by building trust with your customer over multiple campaigns. Provide value. Establish your credibility within your market.
  • Ensure that measurement is part of your campaign. It helps you understand the ROI and ROO (Return on Objective).

Make it attractive:

  • Use professional graphics/design to elevate your brand
  • Make it interactive & fun!
  • Change it up! Make the offers new and interesting so people will come back.

Mezzo Interactive can help you set up a mobile strategy for your business as well as create mobile-ready content that is accessible via text-messaging services. Contact us today!