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Why Digital Signage?

Mezzo Digital Signage

Digital signage is far more than a TV on the wall….done right, digital signage will deliver greater ROI than print advertising, social media or web-based advertising; it will bring you closer to your consumer, and work to create a professional brand image.

Couple digital signage with a mobile strategy and enhance the above benefits. It allows the consumer to interact with the signage and engage with the advertiser. The consumer can ‘take it with them’ … i.e. capture the list of advertisers along with their promotions. That turns a message on the screen into an action. It brings traffic to the advertiser’s place of business and an opportunity to make a sale.

Digital signage is targeted in that, unlike print advertising, messaging is kept fresh ... it is relevant and up to date through its ability to be changed in an instant. With the ability to create dynamic content, you can both engage the consumer and strengthen brand recognition.

Why Digital Signage

Like any investment getting a good return is imperative -- digital signage, along with a mobile strategy, delivers this in both tangible and intangible ways.

The tangible benefits are financial:

  • Sales increases as a result of the heightened promotional awareness,
  • Sales increases from actionable offers that will bring consumers to your business,
  • Cost reductions from not having to produce and distribute print advertising or printed coupons,
  • Reduced administrative burden from efficient coupon issuance/redemption tracking.

Intangible benefits relate to:

  • Enhancing the consumer experience throughout the property providing access to relevant and up to date information,
  • Heightened perception of your venue based on having the latest technology.

Financial advantages achieved by investing in digital technology include:

  • Increased sales revenues
  • Increased transaction size
  • Increased shopping time
  • Increased impulse buying
  • Intensified brand recognition and awareness
  • Up-sell, cross-sell and personalized offers

Ultimately, upselling an existing customer and cross-selling across your venue are two very achievable goals that digital signage and a mobile strategy can play a strong role in.

IBM carried out a study on consumer behaviour around digital signage & merchandising in retail environments. The results below are compelling:

  • Up to 70% of purchase decisions are made at the store
  • Customers are up to 10x more likely to observe dynamic media than static
  • Dynamically-delivered rich media can improve sales by up to 30%
  • Customer recall of dynamic media showed up to a 5-fold increase
  • Customer perception of product quality increased by up to 15%

Mezzo Interactive can help you implement a digital signage strategy. We offer a complete line of Topaz Digital screens, both indoor and outdoor, ranging in size from 19" to 55". In addition to the hardware we can assist you with not only developing and rolling out an effective strategy but also training, content design and content management. Contact us for full details and if you are still unsure ask us about our free, no-obligation trial.