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Mobile (Digital) Coupons

Mezzo Interactive Mobile Coupon Via SMS Text Message

What is a "digital" coupon?

Digital coupons are electronic coupons that are found online. They are essentially the same as paper coupons - only without the paper! Digital coupons can be captured from web sites or delivered via email.

What is a "mobile" coupon?Mezzo Interactive Mobile Coupon

Mobile coupons are digital coupons that are specifically designed to be used with smartphones. They are typically captured from a web site or delivered via email, SMS text message, by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC tag. Some mobile coupons can be saved on your smartphone’s mobile/digital wallet for easy access when you want to use them.

What are the benefits of using mobile coupons?

Traditional coupons, like the ones you can find on product packaging or in newspapers and flyers, do not attract shoppers as they once did. In today's digital era, the latest popular trend is mobile coupons which have a much higher redemption rate than traditional coupons. Smartphones are used by consumers in all aspects of daily life and they have an increasing influence on shopping habits. The smartphone is becoming the ultimate shopping companion for smarter shoppers so, in order to engage with today's mobile shopper, companies must learn to take advantage of current technologies like mobile coupons.

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Mezzo Holiday Season Promotion!

Mezzo Interactive Msgbox Service

Did you know that using Mezzo Interactive's text messaging service, msgbox®, your customers can text you on your regular business phone number?

Mezzo Interactive's msgbox® service can help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition by enabling them to communicate with their customers via text messages. Texting removes barriers. It is a non-threatening (but still personal) interaction with your customers. In many ways texting is more convenient and easier than a phone call.

Mezzo Interactive Msgbox® Service

Mezzo Attends 2016 PGA of BC Buying Show

Mezzo Interactive is a proud sponsor of the PGA of BC and attended the 2016 buying show.


Mezzo had the privilege of presenting the PGA of BC Facility of the Year award at the Awards Reception Wednesday evening, October 12. Congratulations to the Victoria Golf Club for winning this award which recognizes "an outstanding golf facility within the province that has demonstrated innovation and leadership in providing an excellent golf experience".