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Strategies to help you engage with your customers and keep them coming back.


At Mezzo Interactive we know that business success isn't really about the technology. What is most important is your BRAND. We know that it is becoming more important for business of all types to become better engaged with customers that are increasingly using mobile devices to engage with their favourite brands.

Mission Statement

We help business be available where and when their customers expect to find them, in the palm of their hands, by helping develop scalable strategies for engaging with their customers.


What We Do

  • Digital Signage +

    We can provide digital signage systems including screens, signage players, content management and a strategy for their effective use.
  • Text-Messaging Service +

    We provide text-messaging services using your existing business phone number to serve your customers exactly what they are looking for, IMMEDIATELY.
  • Creative Design +

    We believe design matters but that not every business has the necessary resources so we offer creative design services.
  • Integration +

    We offer complete integration services so that your existing business systems can be automatically updated by our systems.
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Why Mezzo

  • Expertise +

    We have decades of experience in systems and marketing in retail and service industries.
  • Agility +

    We move quickly and can deliver our solutions quicker than you might think.
  • Strategic +

    One-size does NOT fit all. We partner with you to develop strategies that work for you.
  • Affordability +

    Our services cost much less than you might think!
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Meet the Team The Individuals Behind Mezzo Interactive


Paul Erickson

Integration Strategist

Dwight Friesen

Design Creative

Bill Clements

Implementation Guru